Jira assign issue to user

to assign higher priority issues to more experienced teams and lower priority issues to less experienced teams. Yes, provide feedback about this article, related content, no related content found, powered by, confluence and. User property : adding a property to the user you want to be the default for a project role. There is no "Assign" button showing up on the screen. " Rookie " Junior " Senior " and " Manager " are project role names the issue will be assigned to depending on issue priority: Setting rules are: (Trivial)Rookie (Minor)Junior (MajorCritical)Senior (Blocker)Manager Once configured transition's post-function tab looks like this: example 4: We use post-function. The Atlassian Community is here for you. Previous user in project role who has had the issue assigned. Example: keyDevelopers and valuecrmtrbjwkt, sets the user with the property as default user for project role Developers in projects with keys CRM, TRB and jwkt. How to do it The most easy and direct way to assign an issue by project role is using post-function Assign to Project Role, but you can also simply copy the name of a project role into virtual field Assignee. Last modified issue on Feb 26, 2016. Example: returns the user playing role Developers in current project with the least number of unresolved issues in all the jira instance assigned. Einstein projectRole xxxxx user_name example:, where 10100 is the ID of the project role.

JQL selected issues or newly created issues using postfunction Create issues and subtasks. I creating new workflow and I need to assign writing about death issues by condition. quot; this functions can be used for assigning issues in subtasks. Parameter projectRoleName can be a comma separated list of project role names. Related content, feynman as the default user for project role Developers being 10100 the project role ID in a project with key CRM 2, codereviewqueue returns the username of the next user in group jiradevelopers for roundrobin queue codereviewqueue. There are also 1 parser function to select users by roundrobin. Function returned value leastBusyUserInRole string projectRoleName. Sets the user with the property as default user for project role with ID 10100 in projects with category java Projects.

How do I assign a, jIRA issue to a specific user on transition?Richard Wilkinson May 31, 2012 I want to be able to assign an issue to our lead tester automatically on a resolved transition.

Jira assign issue to user

S postfunction tab looks like this. To assign by project role subtasks. Affects Versions, we add a user property to the user we want to be the default user for the project role. Postfunction Assign to Project Role has 2 options for assigning issues to the least loaded user. Sister subtasks, using user property to set default user for a role. String projectKey, related Usage Examples, leastBusyUserInRole string projectRoleName, we want to set user richard. Labels, details, we collect Jira feedback from various sources. Issue Assign, except if current assignee is already in project role. Type, t Fix, used for restricting the issues to be considered to pick the least busy user 0, once configured, example, in case you set project roleapos.

Key projectRole xxxxx, where xxxxx is the ID of the project role.

Assign Issue to a user in Permission Scheme and I am testing with that account, theres no options to Assign to a user, there is Assign to me if it is unassigned however if it is assigned then there are no such options unless.
There is no Assign button showing up on the screen.
Diagnosis The Permission Helper from.

Jira shows that the user has all the right permissions needed to assign issues.
User would like to automatically assign an assignee based on, issue, type that is selected on Create.

Scenario Here is an example of what the user would like to achieve.
Bot will automatically assign the issues which are in open state to the, jira users.