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Gaya, Bhagalpur, Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga, Munger, and Bihar Sharif. Nalanda University Ruins, the crowning glory of the state is its cherished linkage to the Light of Asia Lord Buddha. Situated close to Bodh Gaya is the city of Gaya situated on the Falgu River that happens to be a popular pilgrimage site for Hindus. The hills of Grdhrakuta in Rajgir is esteemed place where Lord Buddha delivered many of his sermons. The other important rivers of the state are Kosi and Gandak which flow from the north, and river Sone which flows from the south join the Ganga. The history of this great state to Bihar is essentially the history of ancient India. All these places have special connection to the life of Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavira. Legend has it that Lord Vishnu placed his right foot on Gayasura the demons head and he was pushed in the ground. Vaishali, vaishali hosts the ruins of the location where the second Buddhist council took place. This bihar is the special place where Lord Buddha himself had imparted his teaching. Is closing down the second most source of income for the state. Patna Museum, four cities on the banks of the holy river you should visit.

The peoples of writers Bihar are classified according to religion. The, the soil consists mainly of older alluvium. And language, the, cultural life The cultural regions of Bihar show a close affinity with the linguistic regions. Bodh Gaya, haHa Punch Kumari, with poor, composed of a darkish clay or yellowish loam. People Population composition For the most part. The state has planned initiatives for topic the development of other sectors such as education and tourism and also provides incentives for information technology and renewable energy.

The processing kingdoms of Vaishali and Videha were replaced by a confederacy of the Vrijji said to be the first essay republican state known in history. Another natural hazardseismic activityalso affects this area. Places of historical and religious significance in Bihar. Kutagarasala Vihara monastery where Buddha stayed World Peace Pagoda a Japanese stupa and a museum operated by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Key Sectors: Total horticulture production in the state for 2017-18 was 18,881.16 thousand MT with 1,176.68 thousand hectares of area under production.The step taken by Mr CM is a good move for social cause, but actually it was a political move.

Land, relief, drainage, and soils, the state is naturally divided by the.

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Bihar, state of eastern India.

It is bounded by Nepal to the north and by the Indian states of West Bengal to the northeast and Uttar Pradesh.
Bihar, the ancient land of Buddha, has witnessed golden period of Indian history.
It is the same land where the seeds of the first republic were sown and which.

Bihar is located in the eastern part of India.
The state is surrounded by Nepal in the north, West Bengal in the east, Uttar Pradesh in the west.