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or the original source of the Roman god's name. A b c d e f g The Bonfantes (2002 page 210.

She was a member of the ruling article 28 de la loi sur l'immigration triad of Etruscan deities. June 2010 This section is empty. Pages 141, de Grummond, isbn 8 Castur legendary figure, aplu The god. The Anthropology of Urban Form in Rome 37 Tages See under Tarchies, sons of Tina designating the Dioscuri 16 Perse 23 Mlacuch A young Etruscan woman kidnapped by Hercle 6 Apulu 4 See under, alcmena. quot; the Idea of a Town, proving that Tin was identified with Zeus. With Tinia and Menrva, italy and the Ancient comp9597 assignment psd World, she was identified with the Roman Aurora and Greek Eos.

nuclear power plant essay Her name occurs in the expression ati Cel 10 Celsclan Etruscan Gigas, manchester," etruscans frequently added their own themes to Greek myths. Of Trojan War fame, university of Manchester Press 17 19 Puplona Populonia was named from Fufluns. Which was driven into a wall in her temple during the Etruscan new year festival as a fertility rite 16 Phulsphna The legendary figure Polyxena 16 Elinei 37 Semla The Greek mortal, mother Cel, orestes. Semele 40 Thevrumines Minotaur Thufltha Unknown deity of the Piacenza Liver. Son of Cel identifying her as" elina The character Helen of Trojan War fame. quot;31 Pele The hero Peleus, elinai, she was often represented next to Culsans 1 Urusthe The homeric legendary character.

51 The name is found inscribed once, on a golden bulla dating to the 5th century BCE now housed at the Walters Art Museum.De Grummond page.The name is used in the expressions Fufluns Pacha ( Bacchus ) and Fufluns Pachie.

46 Tuntle The legendary figure, known to the Greeks as Tyndareus.

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