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When this is so, the four seasons follow their due course, and the powers of Nature obtain their efficacy.In any event, it has long been the practice everywhere to give credit for a legal document to the reigning monarch rather than to the actual scribe.And already there's trouble in paradise.

Aston, trans., Nihongi: Chronicles of Japan from the Earliest Times.D.

Seventeen years ago, passengers were not only allowed to carry on board all liquids, but also dangerous items such as baseball bats, box cutters, darts, knitting needles, scissors, and even four-inch blades.
Seventeen - article constitution jshichij kenp) is, according to the Nihon Shoki of 720, a document authored by Prince Shtoku in 604.

It was adopted in the reign of Empress Suiko.
Click here to jump straight to the text of the 604.
The 604 Constitution shaped morality and law in Japan, a country which had just begun to develop and become literate.

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