How to edit someone else's writing

things; some people do word documents, notes on a print-out, comments on the document. Does it read well? Instead, try to address why you think it's confusing and what could be done better. Theres a good middle ground between reassuring someone that their book is great when it could use some work, and making them think its awful and try to quit writing. Maybe it was a teacher or classmate who wrote comments on an essay you'd spent days laboring over. This is usually the word-count point as well; if the manuscript needs to be cut at all, it tends to be sections and paragraphs that. Inconsistencies and logical errors will leap off the page, and mistakes in grammar or spelling can stand out like they're under a spotlight. It can be hard to get the balance but it is possible. There is sometimes a level of band-aid tearing. Can something be amended to make it clearer? What essay do they want from you? If not, where do they go off track? Do they want every flaw pointed out, or just major plot issues highlighted? Formatting issues, as with spelling and grammar mistakes, problems with formatting that also easily slip by writers will be more obvious to outside editors. Are there gaping holes? I recently heard the suggestion to review material on a smartphone because the tiny window of text is what many readers will see as they read. Plus, you get to read and have input into a lot of excellent stories! Writers might not necessarily tell you directly, so ask a few questions; theres no point wasting time and energy on something that wont be useful to the writer. Overall, does the book make sense?

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