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of stephan ideas and opinions and contributes towards the development of the society. Common Factors Hamper the Progress and Development of Youths. They want a world free of discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, language and gender. The youth hopes for a world free of poverty, unemployment, inequality and exploitation of man by man. They carry out the policies and do all the development works which older people are incapable of actually carrying out. Developed countries are totally aware of the worth of their. The entire success of a nation depends on the youth. Youth is full of energy and enthusiasm to learn, act and achieve. Likewise, technology must be used to enhance ones life. Youth must play an active role in the growth and development of the country rather than being at the receiving end. Promotes the fair image of the country before the world. Government should formulate policies to encourage and engage young people in important activities of the nation. We must have 100 literacy. However, while the human mind and intellect has developed over the time people have also grown quite impatient. Due to lack of resources they are unable to get quality education and pursue their field of interest. They have been afflicted by an identity crisis, lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem, a sense of hopelessness and confusion and ambiguity concerning about moral issues and future. They are strong enough to fight for their own rights and for the rights of others as well. By nurturing honest and committed individuals they are building a strong nation. It aims at uniting the citizens of the nation so that it remains politically stable and viable. However, everything about the modern youth is not downbeat. Be it in the field of science, technology or sports the youth of our country excels in every field. To reinvigorate the culture, trend and traditions of the society.

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Here are some suggestions to make good use of our youth. In order to encourage and empower the young minds. Related Information, there is no formal guidance for students in logical selection of a specific course of study. Poverty is a sort of disease which is weakening our youth. Long Essay nations on Role of Youths in Nation Building Essay 5 600 words.

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There are mainly two types of people in this world those who act responsibly and follow the responsibility of youth essay set norms and others who question the norms and act irresponsibly. Therefore, their contribution, so, peace and safety, progress. Similarly, is highly needed, the youth today prefers using the car even if a short distance is to be covered. Thus, assign small tasks such as helping you set the dinner table or segregating fruits and vegetables or placing the toys at the right place. The youth play, the participation of youth is must to achieve any kind of future goals of prosperity. But they never realize that this habit of theirs waste their priceless capabilities and drags them to the brink of death. Probably the most crucial of roles in national development. The power of youth should be used wisely for the progress of our nation.

They are a crucial segment of a nations development.

Can provide very different futures for today s youth that were not available to previous generations.
This essay will consider the role of youth.
Free Essay: The term nation building or national development, is usually used to refer to a constructive process of engaging all citizens in building.

Youth are back bone to the ey can change the future of th e society with their well being and courageous behavior.
The role of the youths towards the nation building First of all we have that the youths are the period between childhood and adulthood.

Youth Essay for Class 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and others.
Parents and teachers must also take it as a duty to nurture their children in a way that they grow.