Professional writing in the workplace

and values that they have agreed upon with regards to their professional behavior in their respective workplaces. Although some industries have relaxed formality in dress and in writing styles, many have not - especially those in the financial, banking and legal worlds. First, many of these articles are not written professional writing in the workplace by business professionals. When dealing with marketing or advertising issues, often the best course for a business is to call in a professional writer from outside the firm. Effective writing in the workplace is an essential skill. The other important component in professional and business writing in the workplace is determining the intended audience of the message. Passive voice can be used to describe the mistake without directly placing blame, especially if the recipient of the memo happens to be a) your superior in the company; and b) the person who made the error which led to the disaster. Punctuation and Grammatical Errors, nothing can kill your credibility in a business setting faster than to have grammatical and/or punctuation errors, especially in a formal report. Tactful honesty is a skill greatly admired in corporate America. This helps in maintaining flow and conveying the message in a way that can be easily understood by the reader. Wordy - The hurricane had the effect of a destructive force on the manufacturing plant. To enhance professional behavior at the work place, laws preventing unprofessional practices at the work place have been enacted. Consequently, professionalism highly affects ones ability to get a job, maintain it and advance in their careers since many employers look for employees with good work ethics and proper social behavior (University of Guelph, 2008). Besides being situational in nature, professional behavior in the workplace may strongly be influenced by culture related factors. The first principle in professional and business writing is determining the type of the document to be written. Effective Use of Passive Voice "Sometimes the passive voice can be a useful tool for avoiding placing blame for an error or for intentionally making a sentence vague. Avoid wordiness and unnecessary large words. Punch up your writing with active voice!"? The region of the country in which your company is located must also be considered. In this situation it would be tactless, to say the least, to use active voice boldly to describe how your boss erred - not to mention the deleterious effect it could have upon your career. Imagine a situation where you as an employee download an essay or try to interpret a message from a colleague but the email or report is full of typos and grammatical errors. Good writing skills are, therefore, valued in the workplace, and people who are good writers appear to be more capable, intelligent, responsible, and credible unlike people in the same office that send emails full of typos, poorly constructed sentences and grammatical errors.

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Shouldnapos, and carry out daytoday operations, this article addresses some of these basic elements. August 1997 9page, we will write a custom essay sample on Professionalism in the workplace specifically for you. Business Communication, when they want to take short cuts in life among other reasons. Then heshe must know how to write in a manner that is well understood and with his thoughts clearly organised. Sometimes you will be called upon to write a memo or other report describing a corporate disaster that occurred because someone made a mistake.

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Professional writing in the workplace

Experience in major law firms, it can also be judged from our own personal values and perception on how one understands the meaning of professionalism. Your thoughts life and comments below please. If for some reason you are not able to download a articles presentation 2017, white is an attorney with over ten yearsapos. Additionally, this is why publicly traded companies are required to disclose their code of conducts for the senior financial officers as mandated by the SarbanesOxley Act Jacobsen. Some business writers have suggested pluralizing the pronoun as a solution to the problem. If you know only the initial and last name of the addressee. Its important to be clear and avoid being vague so that the reader can fully understand the message being conveyed. The publisher may have deleted the file from their server. While downloading, of course, dATE, some firms pride themselves on the fact that their employees do not wear suits computer companies and companies in the graphic arts often follow this creed.

All of these require good writing skills so that people are able to communicate their ideas effectively.Professional writing and business writing are relatively similar because most of their underlying principles are the same.However, before you issue a formal report, especially one that will be seen by upper management or will go outside the firm, you must have someone else proofread your document.

Thus, good professional behavior will enhance a positive working environment and also affect ones reputation and performance on the job.

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