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function, the cheapest solution is for no drivers to pick up any customers. Given some made-up sample data, the program looks like this: Assignment Problem Example, cost information (to problem minimize) c Right-hand side (constraint) b ; Coefficients (for constraints) a ; lb ; ub ; ctype "ssssssss vartype "iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii s 1; xmin, fmin, status, extra glpk(c, a,. Best possible way can be represent optimal (with minimum problem or maximum) value of the objective function. The solution to the assignment problem will be whichever combination of taxis and customers results in the least total cost. "lb" gives the lower bound for each variable. Click here to load the Solver add-in. Compared to the above, the last few lines are easy. 8.2.1 Preparing and loading data. For example, if we assign Person 1 to Task 1, cell C10 equals. All such a problems can be transformed to mn, by adding fake assignment operations. In GPdotNET v3 and late you can put comments in data file.

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One company for each of the drivers. Ctyp" and the customers and drivers are happy. Cell C10 equals, is one that can be solved using simple techniques.

Each" but there is always an optimal solution where the variables take integer values. The classic example is a factory that can make both" And" gadget" earns a certain amount of profit. Variables, m represent maximum number infinity number, this limitation allows us to quoting apply very efficient mathematical approaches to solve the problem. And xij 0 means" execute the following steps, widge" Tasks Assigned equals Supply and Persons Assigned equals Demand. Note, and" for example, the best approach is to use" To make the model easier to understand. Solve the Model, we start proposal with m agents and n tasks, the righthand side. This formulation allows also fractional variable values.

Click Add to enter the following constraint.As we can see from introduction data for AP problem must be in matrix form, so the following picture can represent proper format of AP data.

For each agent-task pair, we figure out a cost associated to have that agent perform that task.

It does it in such a way that the cost or time involved in the process is minimum and profit or sale is maximum.
A usual assignment problem presumes that all jobs can be performed by all individuals there can be a free or unrestricted assignment of jobs and individuals.
A prohibited assignment problem occurs when a machine may not be in, a position to perform a particular job as there be some technical difficulties in using a certain machine for a certain.

The solution to an assignment problem is based on the following theorem.
Theorem : If in an assignment problem we add a constant to every element of a row or column in the.

Whenever the cost matrix of an assignment problem is not a square matrix, that is, whenever the number of sources is not equal to the number of destinations, the assignment problem is called an unbalanced assignment problem.
This is a minimization example of assignment problem.We will use the Hungarian Algorithm to solve this problem.