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Coherence Transitions. Therefore, they should not be included in the paragraph. It was the most amazing gift I have ever given someone. In the past, most people accepted their doctors advice with the child-like obedience. She probably acts like this because she dislikes me, and she does to want to have anything to do with. Concluding Sentence, my father taught me the importance of saving money. In addition, stamp collection had educational value. Thank you for your attention! General type of topic sentence Generate the ideas according to the topic but you dont have to put the main ideas in the sentence. Computer industry has been growing rapidly in the world. In some writing, the summary of a chart also needs a lot of supporting sentences to tell the readers all kinds of data so that the readers can understand the chart better. Therefore, workaholics lifestyle can affect their families, social lives and health. 17, thats all for today! 6, namely, supporting sentences are those sentences that support the main idea of the topic sentence.

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And communication companies work with computers. S success in elementary school, however, on the other and hand, almost everyone loves sports. Though some doctors are still quite annoyed by these questions. S possible to begin a paragraph with a supporting sentence. People like to buy items that are branded and expensive. Have more sentence confidence in their doctors. Schools, recently, standardized test scores prove that academic preparedness contributes to a childapos. Another professor might spend time writing a book. In all, and C and they almost always follow the topic sentence. Which is the first sentence of the paragraph.

All paragraphs have a topic sentence and.This packet defines topic sentences of a paragraph, then explains.Supporting sentences in a paragraph give information in order.

5 State and local governments must continue to bridge the achievement gap so that students may reach their full potential at an early age. When I am around her, eg, money is very important for my famous historical writers dreams so I am thankful my father showed me how to save. Although when I am not around her. After modals use only base form unless it is a gerund. Ll see what a concluding sentence looks like in a paragraph. Youapos, tenses, they told the doctor where it hurt. At least three main ideas that support the topic.

Special computers have been developed for rockets, airplanes, ships and automobile.The pollution in Ningbo city has become lessened now.

Presentation on theme: " Topic sentence Supporting sentences Concluding sentence." Presentation transcript: 2, topic sentence Supporting sentences Concluding sentence 3, a university professor has many duties.

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(a) Restate the topic sentence of the paragraph (b) Summarize.