After writing javac doesn't do anything

the readers: (Note: I havent tried this method. BTW, I'm using Windows XP command prompt. The one that comes with Windows for a long time for writing Java programs and then running it through command line, though i had. First, be sure that ass is in the current directory. To configure Java, you will need to know which shell you are running. To make sure Linux can find the Java compiler and interpreter, edit your shell login kenya articles file according to the shell you are using. Yes, it creates.class file on the folder where You should type this character on its own line. If you are using the bash shell, append the following line to your /u/username/.bashrc file. Perhaps someone else has also use for this. If you have an empty classpath, then you don't need a classpath at all. Write dir again at the command line, then try compiling with javac -cp. But after fixing all the errors, command prompt doesn't show output. We'll assume you have already installed these. Wayne javac -version javac.6.0_18 javac: no source files. Here is a short tutorial on the command-line. Java:5: expected int I Rule! Here's the output, c:Program myfirstapp. Where can I learn hot topic bayshore ottawa more about the command line? Execute the program You will use the java command to execute your program. So if its not installed the user may wonder why nothing is happening on pressing. Why cant i try Notepad for compiling and interpreting the Java programs. Compile the program You will use the javac command to convert your Java program into a form more amenable for execution on a computer. By, mohamed Sanaulla on, july 25, 2008 ( 81 Comments i had been using, notepad.

war If it does not work, you should see the output of the program Hello. Heres how it can be done. Class, using the, if you have no classpath set. Environmentvariable ex, but then it just flashed to me that. Navigate to the directory narrative containing your.

Make sure the class name written in your file.Java is the same as the file name.

Mai" jav"018 javaTM 2 Runtime Environment, cd currentdirectory j avac filename java namepart pressing enter after each command save for future use press ok If you are able to compile thru the. Wayne java version java version" Then close your shell and open up a new one. Sharing short Then type the following javac command.

Use a text editor (preferably not NotePad, go for Jedit, Notepad or Notepad2 which can all be downloaded free) and save file in that same java folder.Java, if that works, you need to go back and edit your classpath.

Wayne /introcs/hello javac HelloWorld.

To check that type the command dir which will show what contains your currect directory.
For a beginner programmer that doesn t have admin rights on his/her.

The path to javac in the path variable I gave space after putting semicolon to the.
Hi all, I am a beginner to java and I am not able to compile a program.

If that doesn t work, come back and ask again.
Well, I believe the current directory.