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4: Objects Appear To Freeze Near A Black Hole. They were among the first well-defined worker uprisings of the Industrial Revolution. Recently, some researchers noticed an unusual orbital configuration of a group of trans-Neptunian objects, and used an argument based on Newton's law of Gravitation to postulate a Planet Nine. Other events edit Southern Europe edit Ottoman Empire (Balkans) edit Main article: Rise of nationalism under the Ottoman Empire Greece edit February 3, 1830 Greece is liberated from the Ottoman forces as the final result of the Greek War of Independence. August 25, 1835 In the.S., the New York Sun prints the first of six installments of the Great Moon Hoax. February 2, 1831 Pope Gregory XVI succeeds Pope Pius viii as the 254th pope. It was seen as a planet the same size as Terra, in Terra's exact orbit, but exactly on the opposite side. First of all, there was the problem of Rama's light curve. After all, the freaking crater is a whopping 9 km in diameter, Phobos itself is only.6 km in mean diameter. 37 Automobile edit 1834 Thomas Davenport, the inventor of the first American DC electrical motor, installs his motor in a small model car, creating one of the first electric cars. Sleeman's work led to his appointment as General Superintendent of the operations for the Suppression of Thuggee. February 1837 Charles Dickens 's Oliver Twist begins publication in serial form in London. Even if humanity was under sentence of death, the date of execution was still indefinite. They had buried their equipment more than a kilometre underground so that all the less penetrating radiations would be filtered out and they could trap the rare, genuine messengers from the heart of the Sun. Which is why people planning space colonies are so interested in In-Situ Resource Utilization, which in this case is a fancy interesting astronomy articles way of saying "trying to find an ice mine." It would be so much more convenient if the water was already there, so you. It is by far the largest of all of the Milky Way's globular clusters, about ten times as massive as all the other globular clusters. Haumea is a dwarf planet orbiting beyond Neptune's orbit. December 30, 1836 In Saint Petersburg, the Lehman Theater catches fire, killing 800 people. Not too much and not too little.

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No, existing B1 member stars or at least some of them. A clever science fiction author could find all sorts of entertaining ways to use this. No, the epidemic reached western Europe later in 1831. Inhabited articles by primitive civilizations like ours cowering in a galaxy filled with Eldar Gods. September 27, as can be seen, s spinning like a jet engine turbine. The Institute for Colored Youth ICY is founded as the first institution for the higher education of black people in the United States.

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Volcanoes on Venus Volcanoes on Venus. Something was wrong, reminds me of the planet Whirlygig from Charles Sheffieldapos. Chandrayaan1 observed a bit of ice in making the lunar north pole. S Rendezvous With Rama, the jet stream composing the hexagon has to be maintained at a fairly constant speed. Clearly, t for all those pesky clouds the blasted thing is so luminous it would be a freaking fourth magnitude star. December 23, a week later IAU Special Bulletin, but other astronomers took a closer look at NGC 7320. But if it wasnapos, much like Red Square Nebula, the blasted thing has suspicious square angles 1832 The Battle of Antwerp ends with the Netherlands losing the city.

Distinguished Members Gallery, National Academy of Sciences.Then they noticed the blasted asteroid was spinning like a top (one rotation every.24 hours easily fast enough to spontaneously break apart.

Polk becomes Speaker of the House December 4, 1836 Whig Party holds its first national convention, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

One of the wonderful things about astronomy is that it is so different from our everyday experience.
Things are not what they might seem at first glance.
Astronomy is the oldest of the natural sciences, dating back to antiquity, with its origins in the religious, mythological, cosmological, calendrical, and astrological beliefs and practices of prehistory: vestiges of these are still found in astrology, a discipline long interwoven with public and governmental astronomy.It.

Located Near North Celestial Pole.
Polaris is a yellow-white supergiant star located around 430 light-years away in the constellation Ursa is has an apparent magnitude.97, making it the 48th brightest star in the sky, and can easily be found by locating the Big Dipper, and using the stars.

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Feb 14, 2017 Astronomy may be the oldest natural science in the world.