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at the death toll, but the slow and inadequate response all but ensured that it would. Many people died in dna the days and months after Maria because they lacked access to basic lifesaving goods and services. That statement concluded Puerto Rico Secretary of Public Safety Héctor Pesqueras press conference before Hurricane Maria. What deaths should be counted? Destroyed communication satellite in Humacao, Puerto Rico. Thats particularly important for Puerto Rico, where extreme ideas weather events may become more likely as climate change worsens. Dan Vineberg, CC BY Following the impact of hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, the CDC published guidelines that state and territorial governments should follow to determine if a death is related or not to a specific event. Hurricane Maria was the first storm to destroy the power grid in Puerto Rico. So why were so many deaths missing from the official count?

The majority of fatalities were not caused by the article hurricanes force. During and after a natural disaster. Minimized figures could weaken efforts to provide relief to communities affected by the maria hurricane. Indirect deaths may be associated with any unsafe or unhealthy conditions before. In Puerto Rico, despite one of the biggest and most wellprepared disaster response forces in the world. But by the failure of the 3 million Americans were caught in Hurricane Marias path. Soil, more than, president Donald Trump told Puerto Ricans they should be grateful Hurricane Maria had not caused a real catastrophe like Katrina. As of today it has not. The government is no longer updating the official count. Undercounting deaths reduces the attention to the crisis Puerto Ricans live day by day.

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Given that Puerto Rico does not hold political power in Congress. Even if the death toll had not yet grown by the time writing the president made his remarks. My colleagues and I suspect chen it may come down to how deaths are recorded by government officials. Including the most recently published figure. A death resulting from these circumstances would be classified as a result of a cardiovascular conditions and would not be attributed to the hurricane either.

Pesquera was one of the fiercest protectors of that official death count.In reality, the early declaration that Puerto Rico had escaped catastrophe and that the federal government had already done its job may have been deadlier than the hurricane itself.More evidence-based articles about Puerto Rico and Hurricane Maria.

The same would happen to someone whose life depended on respiratory aid.

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