We Tried, hater, The Dating App That Matches People Based On What They Hate

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For example, I love 5-Dollar Footlongs so I swiped up to indicate I love this.

Hater told HuffPost that there are currently 2,000 topics to swipe on, and that the app has plans.
Weve heard tons of stories of friends sitting around at parties, swiping through topics together.

By swiping along the top menu, you can see the breakdown across all four categories.
Since Hater is constantly adding new topics, you can constantly update your profile with likes and dislikes.
Step 1: Swiping Topics.

You swipe topics and group them into four categories; love, like, dislike and hate.
Step 2: Swiping Fellow Haters.
This pretty much functions like Tinder (without the Superlike.