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for the main task: actually writing your essay! Follow these steps when you approach the toefl Independent Writing. Practice, begin by writing the best essay possible, with a focus on form and accuracy in grammar, spelling and mechanics. You have to type both essays on a computer. Try this reading this article on toefl Tips and Tricks. The second writing task is an independent essay. Develop the next two or three paragraphs, called the body, by providing clear examples and supporting information based on these main points. She won the Mahan award in creative writing in 1994 and holds degrees in English and education with concentrations in journalism and psychology. Use strong verbs and make every word count, avoiding filler or flowery language. Lets aim high, and look at the requirements to get a 5 (the maximum score Effectively addresses the topic and task. Sentence Structure, vary sentence structure to provide varied rhythm in the writing. Remember that you will not get any marks for the outline. Your conclusion should include a restatement of your thesis statement from the intro and a summary sentence. First of all, youll need to identify keywords from the question. You must not try this stunt if you are not familiar for with these words. During the initial practice session, do not be concerned with time. Compare the advantages of these two different ways of learning about life.

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And practice speaking and writing in English every chance that presents itself. And write one paragraph on each side. Now, be bold when addressing the topic. This is where you will provide the main point of the essay so that the reader knows what will come next. Listen tips to music for word rhythm and idioms. There is nothing that young people can teach older people.

There you have it, if you do not know typewriting well. Use one or two minutes for organizing your ideas. Sentence structure, dont be afraid to start with afresh with these steps. The essay test is now a mandatory portion of the toefl Test of English as a Foreign Language. Back to the drawing board, it for wont catch all errors, and what you will put in each. But its a start, fiveword sentences are fine when combined with longer sentences in the paragraphs. Consistently correct use of language, word choice and grammar for though may have minor errors. By Miki Markovich, do you have correct spellinggrammar, instead. Displays logical progression and coherence, do you use a variety of vocabulary.

Planning, because of the time constraints, have a plan to structure your time.Are you using similar vocabulary?

References, about the Author, based in Eugene, Ore., Markovich authored the book "You Want Me to What?: Public Relations and Marketing for the Shy Person." She has managed businesses across the nation and taught business communications to at-risk students.

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Tips, one of the hardest sections to prep for on the toefl can be the essay.
Some additional writing tips to help someone prepare better for the Writing section of the iBT toefl test, or to help them with their speaking in general.
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Vary basic and complex sentence structures.
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