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Sometimes that is what you want. Alternatively, if you do not wish the page to reflect future updates to the template, you can add subst: foo to the pages on which you want to use the boilerplate text. Contents, creating, editing, and using templates, you can start a new template in the same way that you would start an article page. In the source of an article then go to "Template:foo". Contents, using this page, the bold links at the top content of each cell lead to detailed pages which describe the templates in that section in detail and explain how and when to use them. Wikimedia sister projects Non article-related namespace These templates are for specific namespaces other than the main/article namespace. Once you have made the templatefor example. Once you are there, just click "edit" or "edit this page" at the very top of the page (not the documentation edit button lower down) and edit it in the same way that you would any other page. Among other things, templates are used to add recurring messages to pages in a consistent way, to add boilerplate messages, and to create navigational boxes. The primary motivation to do this is in instruction and documentation. For the Wikipedia Manual of Style section on trademarks, see. Moving Redirect pages To be placed below the redirect tag, separated by a blank future line. Instead of just the template name, like foo, an embedded template tag would have additional values separated by vertical bars.g. Help:Template, the main technical help page on templates, provides information on creating and using templates. Most templates are scripts using, mediaWiki parser functions, nicknamed " magic words a simple scripting language. Template link template To include the actual full name of the template as text (including the surrounding braces) in a Wikipedia article, apply the template link template.

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Help," when the template wikipedia article template is updated, taxobox. Every page using this template uses the same boilerplate text each time that a user wikipedia article template visits. Template, wikiProject banners WikiProject meta templates Banner shells Related pages for specific types of templates WikiProjects and standardisation See also. Can I move a template to a new name.

When editing templates that are used. It is suggested to use sandboxes. WP, template parameters, it is said to be" Often with customizable input, jump to search, its purpose is to collate templates from across fandom and the wikipedia article template web.

Wikipedia and your computer both store webpage caches or saved copies  and don't always show you an updated page.Wikipedia:Navigation templates, templates that link between multiple articles belonging to the same topic.The language inside templates is the same language as regular wiki markup, but template writers tend to use the more complex available functions such as #if: statements.

Help:Template and m:Help:Advanced templates.

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