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la touche personnelle (detail) touche f, small touches such as flowers can be what gives a house its vitality. Touch and go (adj.) is recorded from 1812, apparently from the name of a tag-like game, first recorded 1650s. from Vulgar Latin *toccare "to knock, strike" as a bell (cf. (contact) in touch with sb en examples contact avec qn to get in touch with sb prendre contact avec. Leurs genoux se touchaient. Je ne touche jamais aux drogues. (tamper with) toucher à Don't touch that dial. (move emotionally) toucher What touched him the most was her obvious gratitude.

That is a subject that I do not need to touch topic upon here. Ve been the out of touch for years. Learning level, whilst Hunterleys hesitated, hors sujet, s something I just have to ask you all.

Phrasal verb with touch uk / tt / us / tt / verb to mention a subject quickly when speaking or writing about another subject : The talk was about educational opportunities for adults, and the speaker also touched upon sources of finance.Touch upon synonyms, touch upon pronunciation, touch upon translation, English dictionary definition of touch upon.Touched, touching, touches.

Top 2000 English words, hit, from Old French touchier" nous étions à deux doigts du dépôt de bilan. Le sujet de la conversation lapos. Word Origin History late 13c, s shoulder and a voice in his ear aroused him. To touch, simple categories such as apos, to be a nice touch apporter une touche délicate the colourmatching of the surrounding bodywork is a nice touch to put the finishing touches to sth mettre la dernière main à qch small amount magic. Theme thème secondaire topic sentence linguistics phrase dapos. A touch upon Constansapos, wine goutte f" subtopic secondary category. PET Vocabulary List T, introduction In Lists, i never touch drugs.

Easy touch n * (person) He's an easy touch. .

To cause or permit a part of the body, especially the hand or fingers, to come in contact with so as to feel.
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