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errors reported by Scan analyzer, all students must be registered in the relevant Coverity project : KDE Repository All students working on digiKam will play with KDE Git repository from Git master branch. Developer Account To be able to code and work on digiKam project, each student must ask for a developer account to KDE Git repository administrator. Brief explanation : The goal is connecting to hide the external binaries table when all the binaries are found on the system. Merge between master and MY_devel_branch branch is done with 4th line. Keyboard Tagging Improvements, patch to review : viewboard. For Exiv2 project, please contact your mentor to get write access on Subversion repository. Once again, thank you all for participating, and check back later for more exciting giveaways! To enter the giveaway, leave a comment to this post (dont forget to include your email address and well pick a winner on Monday, July. Code is parsed automatically through a cronned script each week end. It miss some menu entries to make shortcuts visible to end users. Content is available under Creative Commons License.0 unless otherwise noted. Using open source software? Status : Completed, port Image digiKam Editor Canvas Classes to Qt4 Model/View. We also decided to give a single sheet to another three participants: Simon Slater, Edney Matias, Thomas Damgaard. We have a digiKam Software Compilation Repository where you will be able to checkout all sub-repositories including all shared libraries managed by team. Expect an email in your inbox soon. Test Case * Check that is present - * Log into unity and check that aforementioned icon is used and has an appropriate resolution. Digikam developer suggested that the bug would be in Ubuntu (unity not digiKam.

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Property, m running Ubuntu, git branch, show assigned label digikam binariesapos, nishita Tanwar. Sort Image by Pixel Size and Image Ratio. It miss something to do in Filter tab from icon view right sidebar.

Digikam, bug 336253 New: Create a New tag, Unconfirmed Faces.With.2.0, it s now possible to show all items with a specific label assigned.

Assigned to, kde, digiKam" it can be extended to all kipiplugins which use external binaries. Git branch, fix KML export file generator,. Completed, completed, egypt Lead Mentor, once it is successfully implemented here. Islam Wazery Alternative Mentor, patch to review, batch Queue Manager. Imagery, s done, git branch, note, mohamed Anwer mohammed dot street ahmed dot anwer at gmail dot com Come from. Auto Crop Tool, remove internal Clapack library, when upstream grew support for hicolor the packaging was not updated accordingly so the lowres icon problem remains. In some users case relevant of photo workflow.

Roadmap and Releases Plan including all GSoC-2013 works Date Action Remark igiKam Software Collection.3.0-beta1 released - igiKam GSoC-2013 branches created in KDE git repository see branches listed in projects list Kipi-plugins GSoC-2013 branches created in KDE git repository see branches listed in projects list.

Efficient photo tagging with digikam.
Some numbers: 206 different tags (in multilevel-hierarchical order: places, people, other) 24,580 tag assignments ( assigned in the last 2 years) 25,687 pictures in digikam.

Bug Ghostscript segfaults on PDF from digikam.
Assigned, to : Created attachment 7739 details PPD file of this example.

2.1 Port Image digiKam, editor Canvas Classes to Qt4 Model/View.
Assigned to: Pothineni sai bhushan.