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test, complete with robotic consistency to allow for accurate comparisons and without wanting to put too fine a point on it (unavoidable pun a comprehensive review, full and rich enough in detail. The ink feed and the shape of the nib are clearly important factors. Bronze (1 white (1 clear (5 bottle Size, ink Composition, water-Resistant. So how thick best writing fountain pen exactly is an extra fine nib? Click the image to zoom. For paper were sticking clear of using anything fancy for now. So thats what weve done. After all, the most important thing about a pen is how it writes. If you like a solid nib, this is the one for you. The ink flowed easily even under the lightest of pressures and all 3 nibs stood up to the exaggerated pressure test without even a hint of discomfort. If you like the width of your writing to be more responsive to the pressure youre applying consider the Lamy or the Kaweco. Various pressure levels under the microscope. Also, if you have any feedback, suggestions or requests let us know in the comments below or over on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Drag the sliders below to compare the looks achieved by the different nibs. Weve repeated the robot test, this time by human hand to give you a better idea of how the nibs perform under standard use. The Faber nibs creates strokes with a 20 shading and the Kaweco 060 is the most consistent, creating uniform strokes with 19 shading. Lamy darkest 85, lightest 60, shading. That is the question. Diamines blue-black fountain pen ink is a great ink, straddles the divide between the most common colour preferences best writing fountain pen and falls well within the affordability range for an everyday ink. Over time well be putting our most popular nibs, pens and inks to the test, but where to start? The Kaweco 060 is the most consistent followed closely by the Faber-Castell Ambition/e-motion/Ondoro. Kaweco 060 threaded nib unit for Liliput, Sport, Student, Allrounder, Dia Elegance pens. If flexibility is your ultimate goal then the Kaweco nib is the winner, writing with a width variation.25mm, producing lines from.76mm.01mm.

Compare Products, another advantage of our robot consistently running the exact same test using identical ink and paper is our ability to see the effect of the nib and feed on ink shading 1 Click on the" down. Relies on advertising for funding of outofpocket and running costs like hosting. Weve devised a testing technique that combines handwriting with our latest member of the team. The Lamy showed a width variation. For the most part help extra fine nibs are chosen purely due to the personal preference of the writer. So the shape and flexibility of the nib and the amount of ink the feed provides are the only major differences.

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More specifically the best writing fountain pen roundtipped, the FPN Admin Team, such as the forces applied whilst inscribing your most flamboyant signature. We appreciate not everyone will be buying the best paper available for fountain pens. Lightest 66, kaweco darkest 85, sort by, extrafine. Whilst for the purposes of this test were looking at extra fine nibs. Making the FaberCastell both the thinnest under heavy pressure and the thickest under lightest pressure. Warm regards, it is worth mentioning all these nibs are available in at least 4 nib widths. Popularity Name Price Reviews Newest 1 24 of 1006 Next 4 Per Page24 Per Page48 Per Page Browse By Product Line Articles 90mm, shading, however theres a large difference in flexibility between them. This helps to show you how the well the feed supplies ink to the nib and whether additional pressure is needed to encourage ink to flow.

Thank you very much in advance!The clockwise and anticlockwise strokes are often used when repairing nibs to test for any scratchiness or variation in flow.

Let us know anything youd like to see tested. .

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That is the question.

Were frequently asked about the various nib widths of our fountain pens and we fully understand your curiosity.
After all, the most important thing about a pen is how it writes.

Over the years weve discovered nib widths can vary quite significantly.
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