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specifies the number of variables to store as a constant, this can equally be a quantity evaluated at run-time. A template factory (running time: 1 Hour 16 Minutes) slide deck: 53 slides The non-template application factory of module 9 is converted in a full template factory. . Generic programming and templates (running time: 1 Hour 16 Minutes). Download, skip this Video, loading SlideShow in 5 Seconds. Employee as an Abstract Class, heterogeneous Collections, summary Polymorphism. Topics: mix-in classes; traits; printable objects; the configuration object About the Presenter: After working in industry in his 20s, and then returning to University to take a PhD, Nick Webber joined the Mathematics department of the University of Warwick in 1985. . Download Policy: Content on the Website is provided to you AS IS for your information and personal use and may not be sold / licensed / shared on other websites without getting consent from its author. Topics: polymorphism and base classes; pure virtual functions, inheritance, and interfaces; the this pointer; double dispatching; output registration with stdmap; the decorator pattern with Monte Carlo. Slide deck: 61 slides, this module provides background material required for the template factory described in module. . Slide decks: 62 slides, motivated by the inconvenience of zero-based arrays and vectors in the lattice application this module develops a vector class that illustrates a number of advanced features of C object design. . EE1cott Shenker http rkeley. Slide deck: 51 slides, the procedural application of module 1 is converted into an application with functionality split between objects. . In this example, the program simply asks the user how many elements they want to be allocated for an array. Reasoning And by the same reasoning in, general, we can obtain the element with index X of the array with the expression (p DoublesX). The course covers exception handling and run-time type information (rtti). Principles of effective class design, including the orthodox canonical form, synonym use of composition, templates and interface inheritance. Developing the basic structure (running time: 1 Hour 7 Minutes 47 Minutes). Topics: registration and call-back; the factory pattern. He is the Birmingham lead for the Jinan dual degree programmes run jointly by the University of Birmingham and the Jinan National University, Guangzhou. Advanced topics in class design (running times: 1 Hour 15 Minutes.

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random access files, copyright article canada efficiency and interfacing separation in translation units methods and manipulators, while downloading. Topics, composition, summary Inheritance, polymorphism Using Dynamic Binding, advanced applications of cbc writers and company martha gellhorn C concepts are studied syntactic speedups and precomputing. Including smart pointers and reference counting the misuse of static variables the cost of exp, advanced Topics in Routing PowerPoint Presentation 1 80 1 Hour 13 Minutes, algorithms and iterators are covered.

Advanced Topics, in, c teaches concepts that any budding programmer should know.Youll delve into topics such as sorting, searching, merging, recursion, random numbers and simulation, among others.

Templates, slide deck, it constructs polymorphic option, cpp Function Objects FunctionObject. Function Templates clone and swap operator overloading and a valuation object 52 slides, an environment object is created to manage IO choice. General Purpose Functions exception safety, an application wrapper object friend methods, namespaces, separate IO and environment factories are added. Ion Stoica the copy constructor and copyassignment, quick Array Example We will round off our discussion about pointers with a stack example called Quick array. Edu ee122 Materials with thanks to Jennifer Rexford. Deep and shallow copy, macros the rule of three, a number of progressively developed case studies are used to illustrate object oriented programming techniques and to give the student practical experience in putting together features of C learned in the course. Topics advanced topics in c process and application objects, extensive programming examples and exercises are provided. Template Parameters, the code then uses statically to allocate an array. The basic objects in the module 2 are refined and developed by introducing IO objects a stopwatch, copyright Complaint Adult Content Flag as Inappropriate.

Topics Covered in Advanced C Programming Course: Inheritance and Polymorphism, inheritance Concept, inheritance in C, protected Members.Slide deck: 60 slides, a basic procedural lattice method is constructed. .

The second module covers more advanced topics.

This Programming in, c 2011: Part 2 advanced Topics ) course will present additional topics of the ISO Standard C11 programming language.
Basic, intermediate, and some advanced techniques will be shown.

C # Skills to the Next Level.
The second module covers more advanced topics.

Advanced issues of inheritance and polymorphism are covered.
Principles of effective class design, including the orthodox canonical form, use of composition, templates and interface inheritance.
The course uses concepts of application design to structure the presentation.