Most painful areas to cut torture writing

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The question of which torture can give the worst pain isn t the right question.Including being cut in key areas of all parts of their body, moreso the stomach and leg areas.Is capable of much worse, and I m not even a horror movie writer.

Most painful areas to cut torture writing

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Quicken : Emma Emma kills thug Yan, doing exactly what the ABB thugs were planning to do to her: cutting chunks off her face.And in case that list isnt quite enough for you, here are some bonus ways to pile on the suffering: Your characters own stupid decisions caused the Bad Thing to happen to them.

Somewhere theres always a line, though a point where Invulnerable Uberguy becomes unbelievable, laughable.

Of course, the author has to be much more creative about sharing that agony.
Ignoring the pain in his thigh, the blood seeping from the cut in his left arm and tried.

When I write about pain, i like to use words and descriptors which summon the.
I hate even reading stories about spiders used for torture.
Writing about pain is hard, but there s no shame in that struggle;.

And, yet, the act of hurting is prevalent in most genres; it deserves as much attention as emotional distress.
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