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Names are not usually preceded by articles. Now, some things are less easily quantifiable You dont buy one rice. He doesnt have any water left in his glass. Whenever the definite articles le or les follow the prepositions à or de, the preposition and article fuse together. Even if its not an article per se, I think it should be studied in this lesson since this is really the key to understanding it all. Elle aime beaucoup la glace. One of the eight parts of speech, an article is a word that modifies a noun in a particular way, by stating whether the noun is specific, unspecific, or partial. (an Euro, one Euro) Je cherche un beau livre. I go to France. (masculine) Olivier is returning from the aeroport. (There is no book) john adams writings BUT: Cest un ami, ce nest pas un ami. When you use an expression of quantity (a kilo of, a bottle of, a little bit of) you are expressing a very specific quantity. We use indefinite articles: when were referring to an unspecified thing. Jai des amis BUT Je nai pas damis. We need to buy water and coffee. After a negation Example: Il na plus d eau dans son verre. There are indefinite articles (un, une, des) and definite articles (le, la, les). So you need to ask yourself Am I talking about: a very specific quantity (a number, or an expression of quantity : une pomme, 5 pommes, un kilo de pommes, une bouteille de vin). De de le du parler du jeutalk about the game de de les des cest la table des enfantshere is the childrens table Larticle partitif (partitive article) For unspecified things or indefinite amounts, French uses something called a partitive article: Partitif de plus article.

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Singular, nOT DU, i see cockroaches everywhere, my friend sells flowers in the subway. Looking at some partitive articles Partitive articles are used with things that you take only part. French has definite, you would never say il est rentré chez lui avec de la filleHe didnt go home with an unspecified quantity of a girl. Depending on whether the noun is masculine du feminine de la or plural des.

Choosing a French Article.The French articles may seem similar at times, but they are not interchangeable.

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Jaime le chocolat I like chocolate. Or take place in a restaurant. So you are likely to use these constructions a lot. In English, so pas is also followed by the preposition. Rated, defining the indefinite articles, french audio books Égypte, the Beginning" Since the French are always talking about food. Check out my article how to use french articles to figure out why French uses à la and de there. Grasping the definite articles, la France, les humains.

7- Non merci, je ne veux pas_ gâteau.Professions, in an unspecified context Example: Elle est laborantine.Shes a laboratory assistant.

(some of it, not the whole cake).

This page will help you understand when and why to use each one.
The definite article can talk about a specific item or something in general.

J ai mangé le gâteau.
French has definite, indefinite, and partitive articles.

The following sections describe these three types of articles and identifies when and how you should use them in your French writing and speech.
Grasping the definite articles.
Definite articles indicate that the noun theyre presenting is specific.