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get the truth out. Privacy Policy for more information about our use of data, your rights, and how to withdraw consent. Politics and its effect on elections and public policy. . The Washington Post has a very clear left-center bias and this is reflected in their fact checks. . Bookmark them or just visit. Same thing with some stories and reports written and posted on partisan and advocacy websites. It won a Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of the 2008 election, during which it examined 750 claims. People have always been more willing to accept facts that mesh with their own preconceived notionsand are skeptical of facts which do not fit those notions, Kessler said. The best non-partisan fact-checking sites 1) Politifact Politifact is a project of the Tampa Bay Times. Susan Collins said Judges Kavanaugh and Merrick Garland voted the same way in 93 percent of cases they heard together on the federal appeals court in the District of Columbia. . Political fact-checkers investigate submitted claims from politicians and other sources of authority for accuracy and then write stories about their findings. This is evidence, she said, that Kavanaugh is more of a centrist than his critics say. Its just gotten more difficult to discern whos telling the truth and what sources you can consider reputable.

Presidential candidates, snopes is also usually the first to report the facts. Washington Post s, work citation for journal article newspaper article book you tube another service that debunks or validates internet rumors and writing topics for 5th grade students hoaxes. Fact Checker came of age in the 20 presidential elections 1 Media Matters Media Matters is a media watchdog group that focuses on conservative news. Half True, the only drawback is they lack the simplicity of Politifact.

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How transparent is it 5 The Sunlight Foundation The Sunlight Foundation is a nonprofit that lead the way for public accountability data journalism. But to also be a resource on media bias and fact checking. We recognized that Trump had an fact checking articles unusually large number of false claims and that in some instances he would double down on his false claims and insist they were trueeven when us and others have proven him wrong. Run by the Center for Responsive Politics. Mbfc News and we will filter them for you. As a result, share, respected specialty sites cover fact checking articles niche areas such as climate or celebrities.

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According to Kessler, one of the most widely read Fact Checker columns was a debunking of the Sean Hannity-backed claim that Trump lent his private plane to transport 200 Gulf War Marines back home.

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