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and shark conservation at WWF Indonesia, says Hong Kong is the largest shark fin importer, followed by Singapore. To meet this demand, the hunt for sharks exploded around the world. The Union for the Conservation of Nature estimates that a third of all shark species are now threatened. For one, shark finning is already illegal in the United States (as well as in Canada, Australia, and Europe). To decrease the cultural value of fins, the Chinese government began prohibiting the serving of shark fin soup at official banquets in 2012. Despite stricter laws, the WWFs Ariyoga says many smugglers are still able to find regulatory loopholes and other ways to export illegal shark fin. It is said that he established shark fin soup to showcase his power, wealth and generosity. This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition as: The cruellest of cuts). It also calls for an international effort to ban shark finning globally. According to the Directorate General for Ocean Management at the Indonesian Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, the usual destinations for shark fin are Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Canada, Singapore, Peru and Russia. The differences in attitudes of the public is encouraging, although a trader explained to me that his fin sales had increased by 90 over the Chinese New Year period, suggesting that this dish is still a long way from being relegated to history. There are many different type of animals that are hunted from beneath the oceans surface. This is not just a guessing game, either. Yet demand in China, Vietnam, and elsewhere remains high enough to pose an existential threat to sharks. The study used satellite tracking data from six shark species across the North Atlantic together with simultaneous GPS tracking of the entire Spanish and Portuguese longline vessel fishing fleet. Ed Statham, a British national who has been living on Komodo for the past seven years, has already encountered the cruel practice twice this year. According to the WWF, sharks are important predators at the apex of the oceans food chain, where they regulate the growth of other species and ensure the ecosystem remains healthy.

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Other taxa identified were the mako Isurus spp. Due to the fact that reader digest articles online the primary fin set actually weighs around 2 of the total body weight. Based on the WWFs assessment, this presented a loophole allowing more fins to be landed per whole animal. Including hammerhead sharks and great white sharks.

Statham, recently, where it has historically been limited to the wealthy for special events such as banquets and weddings. That means their numbers are slow to replenish when a population is overfished. Shark fin soup is primarily consumed in China invisible man essay outline and Vietnam. And it is difficult for many shark species to replenish their populations as quickly as they are being diminished.

Continued public awareness, effective legislation and ongoing scientific research remain essential to the future safeguarding of many shark species).It was easily one of the most memorable dives I have ever done: the sharks were inquisitive, sleek and stunning, complete with their pilot fish companions accompanying them through their open ocean migration.

He has uploaded photos of the corpses to his Facebook page, in a post that became viral and was shared more than 400 times.

US President Donald Trump sat down for a seven-course state dinner featuring shark fin soup while visiting Vietnam Nov.
Shark finning slicing the fins off live sharks, then dropping them back.

This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition.
Why eliminating the shark fin trade in the United States is bad for sharks.

If you read on to the end of the article, that number will have risen.
Shark finning and the dangers of this practice are explained in this article.