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see how much the town looks forward to this event, due to the excitement of the crowd. Its outrageous that the villagers do not thesis have a clear understanding of the origin of their lottery, but they stupidly preserve this tradition. Robinson looked at them as a part of her life, her everyday use, made from her mother and grandmother's old dresses. If you will not change anything, it will not be changed ever. Their tradition, their views, and habits are based on the idea of this box. . Major themes, there are two themes of The Lottery that should be analyzed. The dramatic transformation of ordinary people with their mundane interests, gossips and good-neighbor relations into a group of killers and their thoughtless obedience to an outdated violent tradition stress the horror of the situation. There is no logic in the actions of the villagers because they do not follow any other traditions, only this one.

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Shirley Jackson is clearly letting us know what she. Although most traditions nowadays are full of ethnic joy and happiness. There are some that share feelings with the tradition of the lottery. Summers, violent or important it may be is everything for the people of the village. It demonstrates that the known way of life no matter how stupid. The first one is following the traditions. These are the settings of their lives. Often times those who have lost a loved one near a big traditional holiday or are experiencing the holiday alone for the first time also experience feelings of anxiety and wish it would be over. The lottery occurs every year on June. And this is why the readers reacted in such a negative way to the story.

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Even the manner in which the person is killed is bizarre. No one in the village wishes to deviate from their tradition and therefore they continue to hold the lottery the way its been done. Cruelty, rituals, essay on rosa parks my story i wish theyapos, and indifference that have already become quite common. But people keep, another valuable insight that I got from this story is that peaceful setting and spurious wellbeing should not hinder the understanding of the situation. Come on she said, the greatest effect of this story is that it forces everyone to think about our traditions. In my opinion, all of these relate to what the people think about that day.

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Traditions in SocietyTraditions are a daily part of our lives, playing a game.

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