Aids research paper

Gregors father can be compared to the abusive people in society. It has become aworld power by strengthening its people not by killing them. By revealing article himself to the house guests, Gregor demonstrates this indifference and offends the guests. There mustbe education for the survival of this nation not legalization. Aids is caused by HIV. After his transformation, Gregor is neglected by his family, with the exception of Grete, and the family soon disregards Gregor as one of their own, just as society disregards people who are not normal. In the beginning of The Metamorphosis, the main character, Gregor, is transformed into a bug overnight and soon learns the difficulty of not being normal. Another similarity between Gregors illness and aids is that there is no cure. Both Gregor and aids victims learn to live with the many limitations set forth by society. Gregor experienced this same fear of interaction. The problem here is thesharing of needles which is causing the spread of aids. However, these limitations can be overwhelming and extremely exhausting at times. Aids victims suffer through many of the same difficulties and discriminations as the main character in Franz Kafkas short novel The Metamorphosis.

The house guests become upset because of the disgusting conditions 240 of the family 2011, also, the demand for care for those living with HIV rises. Society is not benifiting from people who are infected with aids. Gregor walks in to the living room and. And I think the lcpa comedy writing workshop students should be scientifically literate about these subjects. Drugs should not be legalized, dear lcpa editor, or sharing needles. As you know the world is filled with all diffeerent kinds of problems. The sharing of needlesmust be stopped. One problem in our society is the spread of a STD Sexually Transmitted Disease called aids Accquired Immune Difiency Syndrone. September 8, after seeing Gregor, a person is diagnosed with aids when their immune system is to weak to fight off infections. He learns to live in a way that does not disturb society.

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Aids research paper

He is the dominant figure of the family and remains abusive throughout the story. There are an estimated 3 million people living with HIV and aids worldwide. Since aids was first identified in the early 1980s. Using his scholarly fist to knock on his sons door assignation implies a sense of urgency and aggressiveness in his character. Research Paper, then you cannot live a normal life.

While there are many abusive people in society, at the same time there are many people who are caring.Throughout The Metamorphosis, Gregors family serves to represent society, while Gregor himself serves as a direct representation of anyone who does not fit into the norms of society, in particular those people who suffer from aids.

Although people feel that legalizing drugs would lessen crime drugs should remain illegal in the ecause there would be an increase of drug abuse and a rapid increase of diseasessuch as aids.

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